Inverters / Controllers Reduce unnecessary offloading.

Variable Speed Compressors South Wales

Compressor Inverter

Retrofitting an inverter to an existing compressor can help reduce unnecessary offloading at a lower capital expenditure.

Intelligent Controller

A Controller is designed to provide management of multi machine compressor systems under optimised pressure control and efficient utilisation.


System controls

Using hardware and software components from CMC NV, the world's leading compressed air and vacuum pump controls company, Industrial Air Power design solutions to fully integrate compressed air or vacuum equipment on a production site, optimise compressed air or vacuum generation and manage key aspects of the system with detailed, but easy to use visual software.

Turnkey solution

From preliminary site assessment and system design through to final commissioning and handover, Industrial Air Power can offer a complete turnkey solution. So whether it’s a simple equipment control application or a complex requirement involving multiple equipment type and location control, automation, monitoring, software or field bus integration, Air Power has the answer.

Variable speed drive

Efficient system control relies on having suitable generating equipment. Effectively managed, variable speed drive can be a significant contributor to improving the efficiency of most compressed air or vacuum systems. Where sites have sufficient compressed air or vacuum equipment and the benefit of variable speed drive can be demonstrated, Air Power are able to convert existing fixed speed air compressor or vacuum pumps to variable speed drive.

Specialist & Custom Build

Not all solutions are 'out the box'. Using our extensive electrical hardware, software and application engineering resource, we can design systems to meet the most demanding criteria.

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