Ingersoll Rand Air Tools Comprehensive sales, repair and hire service.

Industrial Air Power are distributors for Ingersoll Rand air tools, providing a comprehensive sales, repair and hire service throughout South Wales, Bristol, Gloucester, Devon and Cornwall.

Industrial Impact Tools

Industrial Impactools

Industrial Air Power has been selling, servicing, and maintaining Ingersoll Rand impactools for more than 30 years. We have the technical expertise necessary to assist our customers in selecting the correct impactool for each application, from 3/8" to 3½" bolt capacity.
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3/8” Drive - 2900 Series/Max Series

If you’re looking for ultimate torque in a small package, look no further than Ingersoll Rand’s line of 3/8” Impactools. Break free frozen bolts faster than you ever thought possible, with the smallest tools in their class.


1/2” Drive - 2900 Series/Max Series

Power, durability, and speed – just some of the fundamentals that we design into each of our industrial class Impactools, helping you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


3/4” Drive - 2900 Series/2900 Titanium Series/2100 Series

When your work demands more power, Ingersoll Rand ¾” Impactools are capable of tackling the toughest jobs, producing 550-1600 ft-lb of torque.


1” Drive - 2900 Series/2900 Titanium Series/3900 Titanium Series

No strangers to the hardest applications you can find - Ingersoll Rand 1 inch Impactools provide powerful nut busting torque, perfect for breaking free truck lug nuts and frozen bolts. Delivering 1100 to 3250 ft-lb off torque, these tools provide enough power for the most arduous applications. Pistol grip, D-handle, Chainsaw Grip and Extended Anvil models enable you to specify the best combination to match your specific needs in the workplace.


1-1/2” - 2-1/2” Drive - Titanium Series/5000 Series

Proprietary hardening and treatment processes, innovative ergonomic design and excellence in manufacturing all add up to the longest lasting, hardest hitting Impactools in the business. 1-1/2” to 3-1/2” drive Impactools provide up to 50,000 ft-lb of power, sufficient for the most demanding bolting applications in the world.


ATEX - 2145QiMAX-SP/2940B2SP-EU/2131 PSP

Ingersoll Rand has always offered products, which can be used in hazardous atmospheres. In addition to the standard classic Impactools with housings manufactured in a special spark resistant alloy, investment in low static spark composite technology has resulted in a new range of lightweight Impactools which are fully certified to classifications EX I M2 c IIB 95°C X and EX II 2 GD c IIB 95°C X under the new European Directives 94/9/EC and 1999/92/EC Commonly known as the ATEX Directives. These are specialist tools for specialised applications within the petrochemical and mining industries and in any production areas where hazardous atmospheres exist or can occur.


Hammerhead Impactools - 3/8" and 1/2" - 2015 Max/2025 Max

From Ingersoll Rand, the company that invented the Impactool in 1934 comes a revolutionary product that is unlike any other on the market today.  The Hammerhead Low Profile Impactool offers the power of an impact wrench with the reach of a ratchet wrench, and it will change the way you work.  The combination of MAX power, MAX control, and MAX access now allows you to use an Ingersoll Rand Impactool for virtually any application.  Say goodbye to cumbersome anvil extensions and swivel sockets, and watch your productivity soar as you conquer tasks in minutes that once took you hours.


Cutting & Hammering

Cutting and Hammering Tools

Industrial Air Power offer a complete range of Ingersoll Rand cutting and hammering tools providing enhanced durability, increased power, and ergonomics that professional applications demand.
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Heavy Duty Air Reciprocating Saw

We can supply a versatile reciprocating saw suitable for cutting intricate shapes and light radius curves in all types of plastics, fiberglass and composite materials as well as aluminium and sheet metal. Our low vibration model is excellent for body shop repairs and most light industrial metal cutting applications.


Cutting Shears

Our versatile range of cutting shears which are able to produce clean cuts in cold rolled steel up to 20 gauge without chips, which is ideal for body shops, sheet metal shops, air conditioning fabricators, heating contractors, plastic fabricators and general machine shops.


Heavy Duty Air Nibbler

Instead of shearing or sawing our Nibbler actually “nibbles” cold rolled steel, plastic, tin, aluminium and other metals up to 18 gauge thickness at a rate of more than 6 foot per minute. Ideal for paint and auto body shops, tinsmiths and sheet metal shops.


Light Weight Air Hammers

We can supply a comprehensive range of lightweight, low vibration Air Hammers for rapid bolt cutting, chiseling, edging and punching. Our new range of lowvibration hammers reduces tool vibration by over 30% when compared to standard air hammers in their class. All models feature a quick-change coil spring retainer for fast and easy chisel change, built in power regulator and graduated trigger control. Our range of air hammers is designed to allow the tool to do the work, whether it’s cutting, chiseling or chipping. Our new short barrel hammer will deliver the punch and power you require to get the most arduous job done quickly, safe and in comfort. Ideally suited for front-end jobs, general bolt cutting, pin driving and body shearing work. Each tool is provided with a five piece chisel set with ½“ flat chisel, ½” offset flat chisel, ½” side cut chisel, 1¼” wide flat blade, and ¾” flat chisel. Bull, Moil Point and Offset side cut chisels are also available in addition to straight blanks.



Air Drills

Air Drills

Industrial Air Power specialise in the sales and service of the Ingersoll Rand range of hand held and automatic air feed drills. We can assist in the selection of the best model to ensure precision and accuracy in any material, day in, day out.
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Portable Drills

Compact size, ergonomics, excellent power-to-weight ratios, and durability distinguish the Ingersoll Rand line of air drills for production and maintenance applications. Choose from our broad range of models, including inline, angle, flathead, pistol, and modular drills detailed below.

  • Maintenance/Automotive Range
  • Production/Assembly Range

Automatic Feed Drills

Ingersoll Rand’s line of fixed automatic feed drills provide the solution when accurate and repeatable hole-drilling are essential. Let Industrial Air Power select the configuration you need to deliver the best results, time after time.



Finishing & Surface Preparation

Finishing and Surface Preparation Tools

Industrial Air Power stock a complete range of air grinders, sanders, disc cutters, polishers, buffers, needle scalers and pencil grinders together with a comprehensive range of parts and accessories including grinding wheels, cutting discs, burrs etc.
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We can provide production and maintenance personnel with the rugged tools necessary to handle the toughest grinding jobs. Cleaning surfaces and general surface preparation is no problem for our line of straight and right angle grinders. The G-Series, heavy duty Pro-Series, ARO Pencil and revolution grinders represent the most comprehensive range of grinders available anywhere in the market.


Sanders/Polishers and Buffers

With all of the changes in automotive materials like clear coat finishes, composites, and plastics, you need tools that handle every situation. We have a complete line of sanders, buffers and polishers to meet the needs of the most demanding finishes on the widest variety of surfaces.


Needle/Chisel Scalers

Whether you need to remove heavy weld slag in an industrial application or clean up a delicate surface, we can provide a scaler for every application. Choose from pistol grip or conventional design.



Precision Fastening

Precision Fastening

Industrial Air Power supply and service a complete range of precision fastening tools with service and repair facilities in Bridgend, South Wales and Plymouth, Devon we provide customers with a truly local service.
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Air & Electric Screwdrivers

Electric - Assembly Screwdrivers | Air - Assembly Screwdrivers | Air - Maintenance / Automotive

We can offer the full line of Ingersoll Rand production fastening tools including air and electric screwdrivers in a broad range of configurations.


Air Nutrunners : Handheld Nutrunners | Fixtured Nutrunners

Air nutrunners or angle wrenches provide the torque, speed, reliability and simplicity of operation for all bolt fastening applications in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries.


Calibration Equipment

Transducers & Joint Simulators | Torque Wrenches

Experienced fastening tool users know that frequent calibration of air and DC electric tools is necessary to ensure exceptional performance. Ingersoll Rand offers users its Expert range of torque analysis systems.


DC Electric Fastening Systems

QE Series - Handheld Tools | QE Series - Fixtured Tools | QM Series - Fixtured Tools | QMM Series - Fixtured Systems | IC Series - Controllers | ICS Series - Software

Industrial Air Power can provide the most innovative and reliable DC electric fastening systems for industry.


Torque Reaction Arms

With our comprehensive line, featuring 11 models spanning a torque range from 10 to 475 Nm, torque reaction arms and workstations will provide the support and durability your application and operator requires.



Construction Tools

Construction Tools

Industrial Air Power carries a comprehensive inventory of percussive tools and spare parts for the entire range of Ingersoll Rand construction tools. For sales, hire, maintenance or service please contact us.
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Clay Diggers

Ideal for digging in clay, hardpan and frozen ground as well as horizontal concrete demolition, tunneling and bridge work


Paving Breakers

Suitable for medium to heavy-duty asphalt removal, demolition, utility work and industrial maintenance. Medium and heavy duty models available for most construction site jobs.


Large Drills

Ideal for opening and closing large valves or drilling large diameter holes with a variety of available attachments. Unlike their electric counterparts, air drills can be overloaded or even stalled without damage to the tool. They are also lighter, smaller and deliver more power – with no brushes or switches to be maintained.


Chipping Hammers

In addition to our range of lightweight air hammers we also stock a range of medium and heavy duty chipping hammers which are suitable for light demolition work including concrete and masonry removal where a powerful, hard hitting, well balanced percussive tool is required. We can also supply an extensive range of chipping hammer steels and moil point steels with round or hexagon shanks and oval or round collars to suit most on site applications.


Concrete Vibrating Pokers

We supply a range of concrete vibrating pokers from 28mm to 105mm head size suitable for conditioning all types of concrete with up to 100mm aggregate. Each poker comes complete with a 2 metre exhaust hose and built in lubricator. A single vane turbine motor combines enhanced performance with improved durability.


Bench Sand Rammers

Ideal for compacting small sand moulds in a foundry or casting facility. Its shorter height and light weight enables the model 130 to be used on smaller moulds that are set at waist high. Its unique double-action “sand wiper” seal excludes dirt and grit from inside the tool for reduced wear and long life.


Floor Sand Rammers

These models feature a longhandle, heavier stroke, twice the weight and double the blows per minute of the bench model. These units are easily held from a standing position while compacting very large moulds at floor level.


Backfill Tampers

These tools are commonly used by municipal and utility workers for compacting around both utility line repairs and new installations such as street lights and telephone poles prior to pouring concrete. In addition, these models are ideal for backfilling around foundations or other light areas on all types of construction sites.


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